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Herb Plantation Box Ideas

January 17, 2018 Planters Ideas

What Is Bamboo Planters?

In short, bamboo planters are a bamboo structure that is designed for keeping live plants and soil. A potted bamboo can also be called a pot of bamboo or window box bamboo to add charm and style to gardens, terraces, patios and other outdoor spaces.

Bamboo Planters Image

Bamboo Planters Image

Bamboo is very resistant, versatile, strong and lightweight, making it suitable for use to build many types of planter’s material with any size or shape of the pot. Usually bamboo planters are used to create free boxes or rectangles, and the classic, hanging planters and various styles of containers.

10 Inspiration Gallery from What Is Bamboo Planters?

Image of: New Design Bamboo Planters
Image of: Mid Century Bamboo Planters
Image of: Image of Bamboo Planters
Image of: Hanging Gutter Bamboo Planters
Image of: Great Bamboo Planters
Image of: Design of Bamboo Planters
Image of: Picture of Bamboo Planters
Image of: Bamboo Planters Picture
Image of: Bamboo Planters Photos
Image of: Bamboo Planters Image

Bamboo planters are useful for gardeners in a number of ways. As bamboo is very light, a fairly large planter can easily be carried from one place to another. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly.

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Bamboo planters are normally used to give an outdoor or garden space less formal semi-tropical feel. Bamboo stalks are not perfectly straight, and irregular patterns nodes not create a geometric organic appearance when mounted in the furniture.

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