Best Wall Herb Planter

How to have free herb planters. Nothing is more joyful in your backyard gardener a cute, but nothing is more frustrating than a garden full of weeds. Believe it or not, you can have a nice and free herb gardener. Only it requires some preparation, planning and a little work to the old. Plan your […]

Antique Wine Barrel Planters Ideas

Barrel planters – Barrels of wine are not only used to store the liquid, but other liquors like brandy and whiskey. When cut in half, the “means barrels” are popular potted gardens. Whether standing with flowers coming out the top or side positions to give the appearance that the flowers spilling out, to make such […]

Best Wall Herb Planter

Wall mounted planter – The outer wall planters improve the appearance of your home’s exterior and add color and aroma of a particular place. These boxes can be mounted under a window frame in the border wall to hide or masonry with flowers or foliage. You can even mount against your patio or deck wall […]

illuminated planters beauty

illuminated Planters-could get more oil. So what was best for them to do? They had decided to light the lamp anyway. Ask one of the children light the seven candles. Do you know what happened? The lamp is not switched off after one day, after all. She did not switch off after two days either. […]

Double Whiskey Barrel Planters

Barrels of wine and whiskey, once emptied, can be used in a wide range of applications from stored grain on farms to duplicate as rustic pots for your garden. With a little creativity, you can also make a couple of whiskey barrel planters for bar exterior to serve food and drinks during meals outdoors on […]

DIY herb planter garden

Planning an herb planter garden is first step to successfully grow your own herbs. Herb gardens can be large or small, of a plot in garden of a window box, mixed with other plants outside or within a few pots on a windowsill. In addition to deciding where your herb garden will be, you should […]

Bottle Indoor Herb Planter

Indoor herb planter – Build a container plantation timber for a quick and cost-effective to improve the attractiveness of the room and decorate the surrounding space with natural color. Depending on personal preference, vertical or cascade grows flowers, herbs or miniature trees or shrubs in the plant container when filled with soil. Mounting a rectangular […]

Antique Wine Barrel Planters Ideas

Wine barrel planters – Barrels of wine, with its appearance a natural and rustic charm can be potted attractive. The halves of the barrels function as containers, but also have the appeal of his character and age, being used first as wine barrels. You can grow almost anything in a wine barrel, from herbs for […]