Indoor Herb Garden Kit–It’s wasteful to buy food at the market or home stores that cannot consumed. Rest often leave or forgotten until wilted and we had to throw them away. Here are solutions that will help save money and avoid unnecessary waste, namely: green food planted me at home. There are many indoor herb […]

New Window Herb Garden

For those who live in an apartment and have poor soil conditions or concrete patios, they can create a creative and beautiful farmland using a simple gardener. A land filled with rich and fertile and planted with herbs and suitable containers for growing vegetables, homeowners can successfully create an urban farm. Consider installing several cases, […]

beautiful indoor herb garden ideas

God, that makes sunny day today! To enjoy him doing a indoor herb garden ideas. You do not have balcony, patio or garden you shit, not pass, you can grow herbs inside your house. You can plant parsley, mint, basil, chives, thyme, oregano … lettuce, sherry tomatoes, peppers, arugula, watercress, lettuce, soybean … and I […]

Container Herb Garden

Container herb garden – Herbs are ideal plants for gardening in containers. Most herbs are quite small and very few yield much in a recipe or medicinal remedy. They are attractive, aromatic and easy to grow, and a healthy herb garden can flourish in containers inside under lights in the winter. Container herb garden cultivate […]

Vertical Herb Garden Wall

Vertical herb garden – You can plant your herbs and cooking herbs garden as the seeds are easy to get and growth does not need extreme care, the architecture and landscaping are constantly evolving; different techniques that when applied achieved beautify the environment, maximize the use of space and make it sustainably are incorporated. A […]