contemporary large concrete planters

Flower and vegetable gardens provide brilliant colors to home landscapes, but they must be given maintenance. All decorative walls, planters and walkways add interest to patio, although separate, high flowerpots also serve functional purposes. Raised gardens offer a better drainage and protection to plants, while structures added dimension. It uses large concrete planters and existing […]

Awesome large planter boxes

Large planter boxes – Concrete planters, they make a beautiful addition to any garden home or office, act as a bed of flowers as a border. You can use them along the entrance, driveway or patio. They are also excellent foundation planters along the edges of your house. Concrete planters are fairly simple to build, […]

Awesome Cedar Planters

Make cedar planters, you can use an octagonal planter as a focal point within the overall landscape of your outdoor space. First, cut an angle of 67-1 / 2 degrees at each end of the eight cedar using a miter box and handsaw. The angles must be in one of 30 cm by 61 cm […]

garden wooden planter boxes

Planters create a paved terrace garden, an orchard on a porch or a landscaped promenade along a city sidewalk. Wooden planter boxes are warm and natural and attractively time when left outside all year. Go with planters custom designed to maximize the use of a specific space. A front yard ravaged by drought can become […]

Good Wine Barrel Planter

Trees lime grows during all the year in tropical climates outdoors and indoors and can cultivate plants inside containers. Its dark green leaves and the overall appearance make it ideal for home or landscape. When it’s time to transplant the lime tree, put it in a wine barrel planter recycled chic to frame and refine […]

Antique cedar planter box plans

Cedar planter box plans – If art is really a matter of perspective, you have a great fun using your perspective to create a Leaning Planter for your patio rear. A series of terracotta pots literally strung through a tube left and right angles for a Leaning or inclination adds planter what all artists want […]

remodel deck planter box ideas

Visit any garden center and you’ll be amazed with the variety of deck planter box available. Many are quite expensive, but you can have your own design pots for much less. A small investment of time and money will provide deck planter box covered with fabric unique in its kind. Disenables to match your decor, […]

Beauty rectangular planter box

Rectangular planter box – The planters can take all kinds of shapes and sizes, but the most common is rectangular. What I would like to plant or what will fit in the space allotted for the box you determine its size. Once you Determines, buy wood, screws and wood glue needed to build your own […]

cedar planter box beauty

Cedar Planter Box–Fresh tree potted ornamental canopy decorated nice and easy as pines, firs, white snow tomorrow, spare fragrant, rosemary, strawberries Japanese … more choice thanks to pleasant odor purchase price reasonable and particularly, after the Christmas season can support life for long because well, fit northern climate Shown is a Christmas tree shop of […]

Brown Whiskey Barrel Planter

Whiskey barrel planter are pots made funds or whiskey barrels are constructed to look like the base of a barrel of whiskey. These planters are rustic look and fit into a country, or western ranch decor in a patio or front porch. Fill whiskey barrel planters with flowers that match the relaxed feel of these […]